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Why Weight loss should not be the goal of Physical Education.

Why Weight loss should not be the goal of Physical Education. - Boardgains

Adults view exercising differently compared to children. For most kids, exercises are fun and loving memories that they make unlike for adults who want to lose weight, especially in this day and age of social media. Physical education in children is more important than BMI because the goal is to increase a child’s physical skills and educate them on the importance of keeping their bodies active. Most studies have shown that a child can be overweight and still can easily endure their cardiorespiratory. Also, students that enjoy PE and stay active throughout the sessions are more likely to be active even after school. 

Parents need to admit that PE matters,  not just because students get to learn new skills or have the ability to be active but also because it allows students for after-school activities. 

Here are a few tips on how parents or teachers can encourage children to take part in different forms of physical education.

  • Understand what gets the child up and active and use that to teach them how to be physically active. For instance, your child loves dancing, use that opportunity to introduce them to different dance moves that are considered good exercises for the body and watch your child enjoy PE in their way.
  • As parents, we tend to lecture our children on what to do and forget that kids will only do what we do. So if you want your child to enjoy PE, you have to show them that you enjoy it more. Get yourself some good sneakers and sportswear and show them what they are missing.
  • Take your child to different places and allow them to try various things on their own. Giving them that kind of power shows the child that they are responsible for their fitness, thus motivating them to make better choices.
  • Create a healthy lifestyle in your home that portrays the importance of PE, and let your child adapt to it as early as now. The child will start feeling good about themselves and take the same energy back at school. 

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