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4 Ways to Plan a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family.

4 Ways to Plan a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family. - Boardgains

Individual fitness is fun but have you tried  keeping fit as a family?

Here are 4 ways that families can keep fit.

Make Healthy Meals.

80% diet and 20% workout this is the secret to keeping a healthy lifestyle that most people are not aware of.  Families should seek to make healthy balanced meals with the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Calorie intake should also be observed.

Keep the workouts competitive but fun.

Family workouts should be inclusive of both the young and the old. With this in mind, the workouts can mainatin a fun and competitive  outlook   that will motivate the family members to sweat it. Cycling, swimming and jogging are a few workouts that families can take up.

Manage Portions

Parents can model healthy eating by ensuring that they eat fruits and vegetables as much as the kids. Healthy eating should be enforced for everyone and not only the kids. The food portions should be enough for all and no one  slacks while eating. It also reduces chances of overeating.

Get Quality Sleep

It will be best to establish a proper bedtime routine for most if not all family members. This routine will not only ensure that the kids as well as the grown ups get the right amount of sleep but also pushes for enough rest. 

Tip: Aim for an early bedtime and a consistent routine of winding down — with no screen time. 


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