Bootcamp Workouts & Group Fitness Class Ideas With Boardgains Gym Game

Group Fitness With Boardgains Fitness Game

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spice up your group fitness classes?

Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Boost Client Retention

With interactive and exciting fitness games, your clients will be more engaged, motivated and more likely to stick around. This leads to a higher client retention rate and helps to build your client base.

Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Create a Fun and Memorable Experience

A fitness board game creates a fun and memorable experience for your clients. They'll enjoy the friendly competition and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a challenging workout. They'll leave your class feeling energized, motivated and ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Stand Out from the Competition

A fitness board game is a unique and innovative tool that will set you apart from other fitness instructors. It shows your clients that you're creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated to their fitness goals.

What Personal Trainers Are Saying!

Boardgains allows you to get a full body workout each time you play including bodyweight strength and cardiovascular training exercises. My clients have never had so much fun and this has been something that all ages can enjoy and is so portable we can take it to a ball field or bring it to Camp. In fact every Tuesday night we play live as a team on Zoom because of its popularity.

Coach Lalonde

Boardgains is such a fun game to play with anyone!! It's all ages and overall a really great time. Boardgains makes working out Fun!! And trust me it's a good workout 😊 I bought it and. So excited to use it with my clients, family and friends.

Rebecca Tait