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Boardgains Your bootcamp in a box

BoardGains equips trainers and instructors with a fitness board game to transform routine fitness into effective and engaging sessions, ensuring every participant enjoys a fun and interactive workout experience. Roll, move, and sweat your way to fitness fun with BoardGains! 🎲💪

Transform Group Fitness with BoardGains!

Guaranteed Fun or Your Money Back!

If your group isn’t absolutely thrilled, enjoy a no-questions-asked full refund.

  • Double the Excitement: Combine the thrill of a board game with the challenge of bootcamp.
  • Effortless Setup: Zero equipment needed for full-body workouts.
  • Build Community: Perfect for any setting, BoardGains boosts fun and involvement.
  • Endless Variety: Keeps everyone engaged, from first-timers to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.


BoardGains delivers a full-body workout, ideal for strength and cardio. It's portable for any location, durable, and comes fully equipped. A perfect 10 out of 10!

Coach Lalonde, Precision Elite Training

Great game! We've been using it with our kids during our summer camp, and they love it. It's fun & unique.

The Bay Coaching Facility

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Starter Edition: Ideal for beginners like kids and teens; advance to the Pro Edition for more challenging workouts suitable for all ages, including bootcamp, group fitness, CrossFit, HIIT and more.


Boardgains Starter Edition: Fitness Game


Boardgains Bundle (Starter & Pro)



Boardgains Pro Edition: Fitness Game



Each clockwise lap around the board is one gain. Decide how gains you need to complete to win.

Roll dice, move game piece, complete exercise you land on & repeat to keep the fitness party going.

Pass 'Gains Start Here' in a clockwise lap, earn a gain. First to hit the gains goal wins!

Revamp Group Fitness & Bootcamp Workouts with BoardGains Gym Game

Meet Eric, Our Founder!

I loved fitness but was bored with the usual routines. Looking to spice up my bootcamp classes, I first scribbled my ideas on a whiteboard. This concept gradually transformed into a poster that caught everyone's attention. My bootcampers were so intrigued, they wanted their own copies and suggested turning it into an actual board game. Fast forward to today, and we're now empowering trainers and instructors globally to make fitness fun with our "Bootcamp in a Box"!

Discover BoardGains: Your Fitness Revolution

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