Boardgains Starter Edition: Fitness Game

Get Your Game On with BoardGains Starter Edition - Roll, move, exercise with your Bootcamp in a Box 🎲💪

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Fun & Easy

no equipment needed

full body cardio workout

Endless Play

Starter Edition: 13 Exercises

Fitness Made Fun

Designed for teaching beginners and kids (Grades 5-8+), this edition turns any space into an exercise adventure with 13 basic bodyweight exercises and easy rules. Great for home workouts, PE, and fitness classes, it's perfect for getting everyone active. Roll the dice, complete the exercises, and collect gains to win! 🏆

Bootcamp In A Box

Roll into a full-body cardio workout with BoardGains! Perfect for any setting, from home to school to gym, it's like a bootcamp class using only bodyweight exercises. Great for families, instructors, teachers and much more. Unpack, play, and enjoy fitness in a fun, game-driven way!

Get Playing in 3 Quick Steps: BoardGains Fun for Everyone! 🎲💪


Each lap around the board is one gain. Set how many laps you need to complete to win.

2) Roll, Move, Exercise

Roll dice, move game piece, complete exercises you land on & repeat.

3) Hit Your Gains Goal & Win

First player or team to hit the gains goal wins!


Use #Boardgains to Join the Hall of Gains!! 🌟📹


I love this game. I'm the type of person who loves working out but hates to plan one out. With this game I don't have to figure out a workout, it's great to be able to roll the dices and get to it. I try this workout with my friends and they loved it ! I tell everybody about this amazing game . Let me say just 5 gains (rounds) kicked our butts. Lol 😆
Played this game in the summer at the park and it was so fun ! The best part is that it’s using all of your body weight so no equipment needed . You can take this anywhere and it’s a fun to compete against your friends and get a great workout in the process !
Natalia T

Board Gains is a great full body workout! Great game to get moving with family or friends (or by yourself) where ever you may be! Great for all fitness levels!

Genna A.
My husband and I played the game. It was a fun, friendly competition. We made our target 7 gains. He completed 7 I completed the 5. The send back to high plank killed me. And I swear I landed on every single burpees square. It was a very hard but fun workout. So happy I bought this game! Our next plan is to have a couples competition
This is a gem of a game. Compact. Super challenging and fun. Pack it and take it anywhere. The instructions are super easy to understand and follow with detailed images. No two games will ever be the same. Play it solo or with a group. It's fun no matter what you choose.
Brett M
Got my personal trainer bf for his surprise party and invited his boss, business friends, and family w 80s themed and bright colours and had two teams compete playfully to burn off the bday cake! Everyone loved it, even the elderly that couldnt participate and just laughed and watched us sweat ha!
Crystal K


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The BoardGains Starter Edition is perfect for beginners and kids, offering 13 fundamental exercises tailored for Grades 5-8+. It's a great starting point to build fitness skills. As those skills advance, the BoardGains Pro Edition comes into play. It's ideal for more intense bootcamp classes and experienced users, with 20 diverse exercises and a larger board, designed for Grades 9-12+.

BoardGains is designed for up to 6-10 players in multiplayer mode or 2-10 teams in team mode. It's adaptable to your space, capable of accommodating large groups – we've even had 42 players on 1 board (6 teams of 7). So, whether it's a small group or a large class, BoardGains suits any crowd size!

Absolutely! BoardGains is an ideal addition to PE classes and kids' fitness programs. Educators and instructors praise its ability to keep kids engaged in exercise. Our guide, available in our shop, includes lesson plans for easy integration. The Starter Edition, featuring 13 basic exercises, is perfect for beginners and particularly suitable for kids in Grades 5-8+.

Absolutely! You can enjoy BoardGains for solo at-home workouts. It's designed to make your workouts fun and effective, whether you're playing alone or with others. Check out our shop for new guides on new ways to play BoardGains! Get ready to have a blast while breaking a sweat!

BoardGains is a great fit for all fitness levels. You can customize the game's difficulty by increasing the number of gains needed to win. Plus, we've got exercise modifications for all levels. So, whether you're a fitness newbie or a pro, BoardGains has your back!

To keep your BoardGains game board in tip-top shape, simply wipe it down with a cloth after each use. You can also use sanitizing wipes for extra cleanliness. To avoid dice dents, use the box as a dice tray by flipping it upside down. Easy peasy, and your board will stay ready for more fitness fun!