Fitness Made Fun

With BoardGains - Your Bootcamp In A Box! 🎲💪


Roll, move, and exercise your way to fun with BoardGains! Perfect for all ages and skill levels, this Bootcamp in a Box makes fitness a winning workout for everyone!

For Instructors, Teachers, & yOUR fITfAM!

Effortlessly blend fun, fitness, and competition with BoardGains! Perfect for anyone looking to transform group workouts, classes, and playtime into an exciting, game-driven experience.


1. SET YOUR GAINS GOAL 🎯- Each lap around the board is one gain. Set how many laps you need to complete to win.

2. ROLL, MOVE, SWEAT 🎲 - Roll dice, move game piece, complete exercises you land on & repeat.

3. HIT YOUR GAINS GOAL & WIN 🏆 - First player or team to hit the gains goal wins!

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Start with the BoardGains Starter Edition, ideal for beginners and kids with its 13 basic exercises, great for Grades 5-8+. As skills develop, move up to the BoardGains Pro Edition, perfect for bootcamp classes and advanced users, featuring 20 exercises and a larger board, suitable for Grades 9-12+.

Automatic Bulk Discounts on BoardGains: Save 35% on 10+ units, 40% on 30+, and 45% on 50+, applied directly in your cart. Ideal for educational, fitness, or any organization looking to make fitness fun!

Level Up Your Fitness Game!

FUN & Easy

No Equipment Needed

full body cardio workout

Endless Play

Testimonials: Gains Approved!

I received this game for Christmas and love it so much. It’s super easy to understand- everything is explained and pictured details. I played it with my teenager and we had so many chuckles while getting in a great workout. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun while doing some fit work.
Such a fun way to get friends together and be active. You don’t need to plan any exercises or follow a video and the little bit of competition makes it really fun.
We have large numbers in our classes, this game got ALOT of students involved and most importantly MOVING. Challenging, but fun. We will break this out often! Thanks!!!
Mechelle B

Got my personal trainer bf for his surprise party and invited his boss, business friends, and family w 80s themed and bright colours and had two teams compete playfully to burn off the bday cake! Everyone loved it, even the elderly that couldnt participate and just laughed and watched us sweat ha!

Crystal K.
The first time I used it myself and my students really enjoyed it! Nothing wrong with a little competition!! For the price it was a no brainer to buy it. Especially since I had to use my own money!
My husband and I played the game. It was a fun, friendly competition. We made our target 7 gains. The send back to high plank killed me. And I swear I landed on every single burpees square. It was a very hard but fun workout. So happy I bought this game! Our next plan is to have a couples competition!
I played this game with my varsity field hockey team and it gave them quite the workout. The instructions are pretty simple to explain and the exercises are good as well. Great competitive game.

Great game! We've been using it with our kids during our summer camp and they love it. I highly recommend it, it's fun & unique.

The Bay Coaching Facility Channel

I bought this game as a way to get students active in our homeroom class as well as a way for them to have fun with their classmates. The students worked incredibly hard and encouraged each other to complete the different challenges. It was a great experience!

Mike R.
25-year fitness coach here, and BoardGains is the real deal! It's so fun, you forget you're sweating. The game's got variety—strength, cardio, all of it. Play solo or team up, your choice! My clients of all ages are hooked. We even play on Zoom! The board's sturdy and comes with everything. Trust me, you'll love it—10/10!
Coach Lalonde

Meet the Innovator Behind the Board

Hey, I'm Eric! Inspired by the challenges on the tv show 'Survivor,' I added a competitive twist to my bootcamps with fitness cards, leading to our original BoardGains on a whiteboard. As a fitness instructor, my goal was to make workouts fun, exciting, and different. The result? The BoardGains Fitness Board Game, perfect for gyms, schools, homes, or outdoors. So join me in making fitness fun, and let's get those gains!