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Gamify Your Workouts With Our Fitness Board Games
Tired of the same old workouts?

Are you struggling to keep your players engaged and motivated in workout sessions ? Having trouble coming up with exciting new workouts? Looking to transform your workouts into a gamified experience? Look no further! BoardGains is a fitness game that solves all your problems. It's fun, interactive, and a time-saving tool that makes planning workouts a breeze. So why wait? Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to BoardGains today!

Our fitness games deliver fun & engaging workouts that keep your players motivated and coming back for more.

Create a Fun and Memorable Experience

Create a fun and memorable experience for everyone playing the game. They'll enjoy the friendly competition and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a challenging workout.

Add Variety to Your Workouts

It's easy to get into a rut with the same exercises and routines week after week. A fitness board game offers a fun and exciting way to add variety to your workouts and keep things fresh for your players.

Boost Engagement & Motivation

With interactive and exciting fitness games, the people playing the game will be more engaged and motivated. This leads to a higher level of participation and keeps players coming back for more!

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Spice Up Your Group Fitness Classes

The perfect addition to your group fitness classes! Ideal for Bootcamps, HIIT, and more, it's a great way to keep your clients engaged and motivated during their workout. Whether you use it as part of your weekly programming or for special events, your fitness community is sure to love it.

Make Fitness Fun for Your Students In Phys Ed!

Transform Physical Education with BoardGains! Excite students with a fun, game-based workout. Watch participation and learning soar as bodyweight exercises become a thrilling experience. Unleash the power of play for a healthier future.

Get Fit, Bond and Have Fun with Your Family!

Transform family time into fun & fitness with BoardGains! Perfect for active parents and families. Play indoors or outside, limitless options for quality time and workouts.

Join the Fitness Fun - Perfect for Group Workouts, P.E., and Family Fun!

Have Fun While Staying Active With Boardgains!

A playful fitness class for kids, with children engaged in a game of Boardgains, a fun and innovative way to promote health and fitness

Unleash the full power of your body and mind with BoardGains! This heart-racing fitness board game will improve heart health, build strength, tone muscles, control weight, boost energy, and promote better sleep. Get ready to feel your best while having a blast!

A game of Boardgains on the beach, with players rolling dice, moving their game pieces, and performing various exercise moves in the sand.

Say goodbye to excuses and hello to full-body workouts anytime, anywhere with BoardGains! No equipment needed, just use your own bodyweight for fun and challenging exercises. Play the ultimate fitness game wherever you are and get your heart racing with a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered.

A family staying healthy and active while spending time together, with a game of Boardgains in the basement and laughter all around

Bid farewell to boring workouts and hello to endless fun and excitement with our full-body fitness game! Perfect for vacations, workplace outings, physical education, fitness classes, and more. Get ready for a thrilling new workout experience every time you play!

Get ready to level up your game!

Resource center for physical education, group fitness & home workouts!

We've got some amazing resources in store for you that will take your sessions to the next level. Whether you're a Group Fitness Instructor, a Phys Ed Teacher, or just someone looking to expand their Boardgains skills, we've got you covered. So, let's get pumped up and bring the fun and excitement to your workouts!

Meet the inventor of this versatile workout game!

Hello, I'm Eric, the creator of the exciting BoardGains Fitness Board Game. I created this game because I was bored of teaching the same old fitness classes repeatedly. I wanted to make my classes fun, engaging, and memorable, which led me to gamify fitness and eventually create BoardGains. Join the fitness revolution and turn workouts into a fun game with BoardGains, which top instructors use to add excitement to their classes. Perfect for bootcamps, gyms, schools, and families, BoardGains is a great way to make fitness enjoyable and combat inactivity rates. Let's get moving, have fun, and stay fit with BoardGains!