Team Building Corporate Fitness Events With Boardgains Fitness Game

Team building corporate fitness event with group of ladies outside of office

Team Building Corporate Fitness Events

With The Boardgains Team

Team Building Fitness Activities For Corporates

Are you looking to attract top talent, increase employee happiness and productivity, and decrease turnover at your company? Look no further than Boardgains! Our corporate fitness events are a popular and effective way to boost employee wellness. 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness initiatives feel engaged and valued by their employers. With Boardgains, we bring the fun and energy to your office with a 90-minute workout experience. Our uptempo music and team-based format make it feel more like a game than a workout. We can accommodate up to 50 participants per session, depending on the size of your office's workout area. Let Boardgains help you create a successful wellness initiative for your company.

Team BUilding Corporate Fitness event options

Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Starter Gains

• 90 Minute Boardgains Experience

Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Deluxe Gains

• 90 Minute Boardgains Experience

• T-shirt Prizes For Winning Team

• Post Workout Snacks For Everyone

Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Tournament Gains

This employee tournment is a great option to build some fun workplace buzz.

Benefits of corporate fitness events!

• More productivity

• Building camaraderie among workers

• High employee morale

• Improve recruitment and retention of employees

• Reduced absenteeism

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