Team Building Corporate Fitness Events With Boardgains Fitness Game

Team building corporate fitness event with group of ladies outside of office

Team Building Corporate Fitness Events

With The Boardgains Team

Team Building Fitness Activities For Corporates

Get ready to bring the fun and energy of Boardgains to your workplace, whether in-person or virtual! Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to a 75-minute workout experience that feels like a game. Our team-based format, upbeat music, and expert trainers make employee wellness a breeze, whether you're working in the office or at home. With 80% of employees at companies with strong health initiatives feeling engaged and valued, why not give your team the same experience? We can accommodate large number of participants per session, making it an ideal option for both in-office and virtual workouts. Let us help you attract top talent, increase employee happiness and productivity, and decrease turnover with a successful wellness initiative. Book Boardgains now and get ready to take your workplace wellness to the next level!

Take THis Boardgains Workout Experience Inside, Outside or ONline!

Benefits of corporate fitness events!

  • Get pumped for peak productivity!
  • Strengthen bonds and boost teamwork
  • Happy employees equal high morale!
  • Attract top talent and keep them around
  • Bye-bye, absenteeism! Hello, healthy and motivated workforce!

Team BUilding Corporate Fitness event options

Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Office Gains

Our 75-minute workout experience is like no other, providing your team with a high-energy, interactive workout that feels like a game. We bring the workout to you at your office, transforming your space into a fitness arena. Each session can hold up to 30 players, and we can run back-to-back sessions to include your entire workforce.

Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Virtual Gains

Our 60-minute virtual Boardgains workout led by expert trainers will feel more like a game than a workout. Connect and support your colleagues while getting guidance and form tips from our trainers. Book now for a fun and engaging virtual team-building experience!

Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Tournament Gains

Looking for a fun and engaging way to get your employees active and promote team bonding? Look no further than our Boardgains workout tournament! This tournament is a great option to add some excitement and friendly competition to your workplace while promoting health and wellness.

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