Boardgains The PE Game For Physical Education To Make Fitness Fun For Kids

PE Game being used for physical education to make fitness fun.

Physical Education with Boardgains Fitness Game

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MEET BOARDGAINS THE PE GAME For Your NExt Physical Education Session!

Gym Game For Physical Education Classes

Ready to step up your game? From jumping jacks to glute bridges, this heart-racing board game is sure to get you sweating. Take turns to roll the dice and await your fitness fate –– just be careful not to land on 100 high knees! Break up your students up into teams and turn your next physical education session into a interactive gamified group fitness workout.


Watch this: PE games for kids using no equipment! FUn workout with only bodyweight Exercises!


Step 1 of how to play this fitness game
1) Set The Gains Needed To Win

1 Gain = 1 Lap Around The Board.

(3 - Easy, 5 - Medium, 7 - Hard)

Step 2 of how to play this fitness game
2) Roll, Move, Exercise, Repeat.

Roll Dice, Move Game Piece, Complete Exercise You Land On. Repeat This As You Complete A Lap Around The Board.

Step 3 of how to play this fitness game
3) Collect Set # Of Gains To Win

As You Complete A Lap Around The Board Passing Gains Start Here You Collect 1 Gain.

What physical education teachers are saying about this PE Game!

The first time I used it myself and my students really enjoyed it! Nothing wrong with a little competition!! For the price it was a no brainer to buy it. Especially since I had to use my own money!

Lauren Mazzarella

I bought this game as a way to get students active in our homeroom class as well as a way for them to have fun with their classmates. The students worked incredibly hard and encouraged each other to complete the different challenges. It was a great experience!

Mike Richey

I played this game with my varsity field hockey team and it gave them quite the workout. The instructions are pretty simple to explain and the exercises are good as well. Great competitive game.


Benefits of this fun gym game For middle school & high school.

Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Improve Cardio Fitness

Designed by a Personal Trainer/ Group Fitness Instructor this circuit training workout game will increases heart and cardiovascular health, builds up strength, and tones major muscle groups. The exercise selection on the board is designed to improve cardiovascular performance using fundamental movements. We call it the bootcamp in a box because you'll be delivering bootcamp style workouts that will feel like a game rather than a workout!

Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Multi-Function Active Game

Great for middle & high school level students. Use for teaching physical education or for after school athletic programs. We have lots of resources available to help make teaching Boardgains easy as 1,2,3!

Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Competitive Fun Workout

Say goodbye to boring fitness units. Guaranteed to deliver a different full body cardio workout each time you play. The competition aspect of the game give the students that extra push however the game is designed in a way to level out the playing field so any team can win regardless of fitness level.

physical education curriculum & resources

We want to make bringing Boardgains into your class as easy as possible! Here are some incredible resources that can help make your life as a teacher a whole lot easier!

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