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BoardGains: Making Fitness Fun with Every Move!

Add BoardGains, your 'Bootcamp in a Box,' to your PE toolkit! This game infuses fitness with fun, offering kids a stealthy full-body workout through basic bodyweight exercises in a gamified format. Ideal for all levels, it's great for any setting, ensuring lively and effective fitness fun!

Revolutionize PE with BoardGains: Where Fitness Meets Fun!

  1. Game On: Fuse the excitement of a board game with bootcamp benefits, making PE the highlight for students!
  2. Zero Hassle: Effortlessly deliver epic full-body workouts. No equipment? No problem – less prep, more play!
  3. Anywhere, Anytime: Whether indoors or outdoors, BoardGains brings the energy, transforming any space into a fun fitness zone!

Skyrocket Engagement in PE

Turn fitness into a game for unbeatable class participation and enthusiasm. Fun workouts mean eager students and memorable classes, packed with friendly competition and post-workout highs!"


Kick off Phys Ed with BoardGains Starter Edition, tailored for beginners and young students (Grades 5-8+), featuring 13 fundamental exercises. As students progress, upgrade to BoardGains Pro Edition. It's ideal for more advanced classes and fitness-focused students (Grades 9-12+), offering 20 diverse exercises on a larger board.

Revolutionize Your PE Curriculum

We've got your back, teachers! Introducing BoardGains into your class is a cinch with our awesome resources. Get ready for easier planning and way more fun in the classroom! πŸŽ‰

1) Boardgains Lesson Plans

2) Exercise Guide Slideshow

Why Pick BoardGains for Your PE Program? Watch and Get Pumped!

BoardGains: The Ultimate PE Game for Active, Fun Workouts for Kids