OUR VISION: Fitness as a Global Movement!

At BoardGains, we're reinventing fitness as a fun, social experience for everyone. Our 'Bootcamp in a Box' is just the beginning, transforming workouts into exciting GAME-based fitness adventures. We're expanding our horizons with a YouTube game show to connect fitness fans globally. BoardGains is more than a game; it's the launchpad of a worldwide fitness revolution, turning fitness into a social and fun experience. Our commitment is strong – to create a happier, healthier, gainful world for all.

OUR MISSION: Turning Fitness Into Fun For All!

At BoardGains, we're elevating fitness into an exhilarating, social gamified journey. It's more than a workout – it's an energetic adventure for families, schools, and gyms. Our focus is uniting everyone towards one vital goal: making fitness a fun experience.

Our Core Values: The Heartbeat of BoardGains!

Boardgains Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Work Hard, Play Harder

Who says fitness can't be fun? We're all about turning sweat sessions into playtime!

Innovation & Execution

Say goodbye to yawn-worthy workouts! We're all about turning fitness into an epic adventure you can't wait to go on!

Community Strong

From family game nights to pro fitness classes, we're building a tribe united by the love of fun fitness!

A BoardGains Fitness Journey: From Trainer to Inventor

Hello! I'm Eric Mathura, creator of BoardGains. My journey began with Kinesiology studies in Canada, leading to a career as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor. The real spark, though, came from 'Survivor Gameshow' – why couldn't fitness be as exciting as those challenges?

I began gamifying my bootcamps, starting with fitness cards and then developing BoardGains on a whiteboard. The goal was simple: make workouts fun and enjoyable.

Post studies in sport events marketing, I hosted the successful Board Games Bootcamp. Seeing its potential, I evolved BoardGains from a whiteboard to a poster, and eventually to a board game prototype. During the 2019-2020 pandemic, I focused on strategy and fundraising, culminating in a successful Kickstarter for our first print run. BoardGains was launched in July 2021, revolutionizing the fitness game.

Today, BoardGains is more than a game – it's a global movement. Perfect for gyms, schools, homes, and outdoor settings, it offers a unique blend of fun and fitness. Ready for a game-based fitness workout? Let's get those gains! 🎲πŸ’ͺ

Started from a Whiteboard, Now We're Here! πŸ’ͺ🎲

Founder Eric with White Board Version of Boardgains - The Early Concept
2016 - Whiteboard
Founder Eric with Poster Version of Boardgains - The Intermediate Stage
2018 - Poster
Founder Eric with Final Version of Boardgains Fitness Board Game - The Finished Product
2020 - BoardGains