Our Mission For Boardgains Workout Game!

Introducing Boardgains 🎲

It’s the small things we all do every day that add up to our motivation to stay fit , and it’s always a work in progress. In this journey to better health, we often forget the best part – to have some fun!

What started as a Bootcamp has now been gamified to a board game—Boardgains. We wanted our fitizens to experience a fun, motivating, and exciting way of working out, with a hint of competitiveness while bringing friends, schoolmates, co-workers and even families together.

Our mission is to deliver these gains and fun all around the world. Boardgains is in fact, a game of many gains!


Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Work Hard While Playing Hard

We understand all the hard work that goes into staying committed to your health & fitness journey, and we believe in this journey being fun.

Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Innovation & Execution

We don’t do boring, and we don’t want you to do boring either. We work hard to deliver innovative fitness experiences that are easy for you to execute.

Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Evolve & Adapt

We believe in helping you grow and evolve each day. We are dedicated to making you better than you were yesterday.


Hello my name is Eric Mathura, the Founder of BoardGains. My journey began at York University where graduated with a B.Sc in Kinesiology. From there I started my career in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer & Boot Camp Instructor at Habitual Fitness. I also enrolled in a Sport & Event Marketing post-graduate program to continue to gain more knowledge. After graduating the Sport & Event Marketing program at George Brown College. I used my newly found skills of event planning and planned my first event Board Games Bootcamp.

The moment I saw the excitement, the sense of community, the competition and the motivation my Board Games Bootcamp brought, I knew I was onto something special. So I doubled down on that event and took that fitness white board I had created and kept developing the game over the years.

With years of play testing with different groups of individuals, I kept fine tuning the game. And with the pandemic closing all gyms down, this gave me the free time to invest 100% into it and launch it.

All the feedback from all my play testers helped me realize the potential of the game to make fitness fun. So I dedicated all my energy to creating & delivering the game of many gains. Hence the birth of “Board Gains.”

Founder of gym game boardgains

This gym game started from a whiteboard. And now we have a fully polished board game!

Gym game on a whiteboard in a bootcamp class
2016 - Whiteboard
Gym game on a poster printed at vistaprint for a Christmas bootcamp class
2018 - Poster
Gym game on a board game for an outdoor bootcamp class
2020 - BoardGains