Our Vision: More Than Just Fitness, It's a Movement!

At BoardGains, we're on a mission to make fitness a blast! We believe workouts should be fun, social, and for everyone. That's why we created 'Bootcamp in a Box,' turning exercise into an epic adventure for families, schools, and fitness tribes. But hold onto your sweatbandsβ€”this is just the start! We're cooking up an interactive app and even a TV game show to unite fitness fans worldwide and bring in star power from sports and entertainment. With BoardGains, we're not just selling a game; we're igniting a global fitness revolution that makes getting fit a joyride. That's our pledge and our dream for a happier, healthier world.

Boardgains Pro Edition and Home Edition Displayed - Choose Your Ideal Fitness Board Game
Boardgains Used by Kids, Teens, Adults, and Seniors - Fitness for All Ages

Our Mission: Making Fitness a Joyride for Everyone!

We're on a quest to turn the fitness world upside downβ€”in the best way! BoardGains isn't just a workout; it's a high-energy, social adventure. Perfect for families wanting fun fitness, schools jazzing up PE, and gyms looking to supercharge group classes. We're all about bringing people together for the ultimate goal: loving a healthy, active life.

Our Core Values: The Heartbeat of BoardGains!

Boardgains Fitness game with bodyweight Exercises and 3 meeples of different colours
Work Hard, Play Harder

Who says fitness can't be fun? We're all about turning sweat sessions into playtime!

Boardgains Gym Game with 10 different coloured meeples
Community Strong

From family game nights to pro fitness classes, we're building a tribe united by the love of fun fitness!

Boardgains Gym Games For bootcamp workouts using bodyweight exercises with 2 black dice and 2 different coloured meeples
Innovation & Execution

Say goodbye to yawn-worthy workouts! We're all about turning fitness into an epic adventure you can't wait to go on!

A Boardgains Fitness Tale

From Trainer to Founder

Hi there! I'm Eric Mathura, the force behind BoardGains. My love for fitness led me to a degree in Kinesiology at York University in Canada and later to a role as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor at Habitual Fitness. But it was my love for watching the TV show 'Survivor,' and its enthralling team and solo challenges, that ignited a lightbulb moment for me. I thought, 'Why can't fitness be this captivating?'

So, armed with this inspiration, I decided to gamify my bootcamps. I initially began with designing fitness cards and then took it a step further by creating the first version of BoardGains on a whiteboard. The idea was simple but powerful: to infuse excitement and entertainment into workouts, making each session something to look forward to rather than a routine to dread.

After studying business at George Brown College, I hosted my first event, Board Games Bootcamp, which was a runaway hit. This success confirmed that I was onto something special. I poured my heart and soul into turning that initial whiteboard concept into a real game. And after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, and receiving our first shipment in July 2021, BoardGains officially launched as a game-changing business.

So here we are! BoardGains is not just a board game; it's a movement aimed at revolutionizing how we perceive and experience fitness. Whether you're in a gym, a school, at home, or even the great outdoors, BoardGains offers a unique blend of fun and fitness. Ready to dive into this fitness revolution? Let's get active together!

From Whiteboard to Boardgains: What started as a fun idea has turned into the ultimate fitness adventure!

Founder Eric with White Board Version of Boardgains - The Early Concept
2016 - Whiteboard
Founder Eric with Poster Version of Boardgains - The Intermediate Stage
2018 - Poster
Founder Eric with Final Version of Boardgains Fitness Board Game - The Finished Product
2020 - BoardGains