Guide for Schools & Youth Fitness Programs

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Crafted with teachers and youth fitness coaches/trainers in mind, this guide is an essential tool for introducing BoardGains to kids new to exercise. It presents a tiered approach that gradually acquaints them with the exercises, building their confidence and skills before diving into the fun of the game.

What's Inside the Playbook?

  1. Game Setup: Offers clear, easy-to-follow instructions for creating balanced teams and setting up workout spaces, ensuring smooth and effective gameplay.

  2. Game Time: A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start, play, and win the BoardGains games, emphasizing teamwork and sharing responsibilities.

  3. Customizing Your Matches: Presents various options to tailor match lengths and include breaks, adding flexibility to suit different class settings and durations.

  4. Workout Setups: Multiple layout options for different team sizes and workout areas, ensuring versatility in any space.

  5. BoardGains Exercise Guide: Detailed exercise descriptions, complete with QR codes for easy access to modifications and demonstrations, catering to different fitness levels.

  6. Five Components of Fitness PowerPoint: An invaluable resource to seamlessly integrate BoardGains with fundamental fitness education, enhancing understanding and application of key fitness principles in a fun, interactive way.

  7. Phased Learning: Introduction of Starter and Pro Editions, each tailored for specific grade levels and fitness abilities, inclusive of engaging lesson plans and homework exercises.

  8. Grading and Assessment: Detailed instructions and tracker worksheets for conducting comprehensive fitness assessments, enabling effective measurement and recording of student progress.

  9. Extra Game Modes: Innovative modes like Time Mode, Superset Mode, and Relay Mode, each bringing unique challenges and excitement to the fitness routine

Whether you're using the Starter or Pro Edition, BoardGains turns fitness into an engaging, fun, and social experience. It's perfect for anyone looking to invigorate their physical education curriculum or youth fitness program and build a community of fitness enthusiasts - the Fitizens!

Get ready to start a fitness revolution in your school or gym with the BoardGains Playbook! 🏆