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Managing stress through meditation

Managing stress through meditation - Boardgains

Everyone has experienced some level of stress that made them feel overwhelmed in their lives. Luckily enough, one can train their minds to reduce stress by using meditation. Studies have proven that meditation is an excellent tool for stress management, primarily if one practices it daily. As stress triggers the body to react through fear by fighting or running, meditation prompts the body to be relaxed and calm during stressful situations. Being in a calm state enables the body to repair its damages, which prevents it from causing more damage.Β 

Why it is essential to manage stress through meditation

Many benefits come with a stress-free life, and here are some reasons why one needs to manage stress through meditation;

  • Boosts self-awareness- stress comes with many distractions which may affect one's awareness of themselves and their surroundings, causing them to make decisions that may be harmful to them and the people they love. However, meditating enables one to clear their mind by distinguishing good thoughts and those that are toxic.Β 
  • Extends attention span- stressful moments come with much chaos that makes one lose themselves in their thoughts. But meditating has been proven to boost one’s attention span by training the brain to focus on specific things. Thus if you are used to meditating, you concentrate better when you have stress.
  • Breeds kindness- hurt people hurt people. Thus one can be arrogant and rude when they are stressed. But if one can manage their stress, they can spread more kindness to the world. Healing is a journey we all are in, and being kind to each other is the only medicine because we are all going through something in this life. And to become kinder to others, one needs to be a master in meditation as it helps one attract positivity and kind thoughts into their life.Β 
  • Helps fight addictions- most people have been known to turn to drugs, alcohol, and sex to ease their stress, only to lead them to be more stressed. But meditation has helped people develop a sense of self-awareness and discipline that prevents them from going to such extents. With such awareness and discipline, one can control their thoughts and emotions effortlessly.Β 

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