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Does drinking a glass of wine daily have any health benefits?

Does drinking a glass of wine daily have any health benefits? - Boardgains

Yes, drinking a glass of wine daily is beneficial to one’s health. Science has proven that consuming wine moderately daily can prevent several diseases such as heart disease. Below are some health benefits of taking wine.

Reduces the risk of depression. 

Research was done on middle-aged to older people, and it was found that moderate drinking of alcohol prevents one from being depressed. The study also showed that people who drink wine are less depressed than those who do not.

Eases the risk of cancer. 

Drinking wine moderately may prevent different cancers like basal cell, colon, prostate carcinoma, and ovarian. 

Helps in the digestion of food. 

Wines are known to be anti-bacterial, which helps treat gastric complications such as stomach upset and decreases the risk of infection.  

It depresses bad dietary fat in one’s body. 

Tempranillo is the high fiber in grapes that helps lower the harmful cholesterol levels in our bodies, and it is one of the main ingredients used to make wine.

Cures common cold. 

The presence of antioxidants in wine has been proven to protect human cells from harmful bacteria that play a significant role in diseases like cancer and cold.

Boost human memory. 

Beta-amyloid is a type of protein that causes memory loss in people. Still, resveratrol in wine blocks the formation of that protein, preventing one from experiencing memory loss.

With all that being said, one needs to remember that wine is an alcoholic drink and thus should not take it in excess because excessive consumption of alcohol can cause damage such as liver cirrhosis and weight gain. To keep track of one's alcohol levels in the body, one is advised to take one glass of wine per day for women and not more than two glasses per day for men.

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