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Most Americans plan to continue at-home workouts when the pandemic is over

Most Americans plan to continue at-home workouts when the pandemic is over - Boardgains
  • Freedom- one thing most people can attest to is that the pandemic has awakened them to be more independent while doing things, including working out. Working out from home gives one the freedom to do it whenever and wherever they want, as the home gym is open throughout the day. It also lets one be in control of creating rules and exercises of their own choice while listening to their own playlist.
  • Fewer distractions- not everyone in the gym goes to just work out; some go to interact and meet new people. This does not mean that socializing is wrong, but if one aims to get in shape within a fixed period, having such distractions will only pull them back. But working out from home will keep one more focused on getting things done on time.
  • Builds confidence- not everybody is productive around other people. Some people tend to be very shy when in a crowd of people. Such people may find it challenging to try new work out because they may feel like people are watching them or will make fun of them, preventing them from being more active in the gym. But working out from home helps one avoid such fear and intimidation and allows one to explore new workouts with no judgment. 
  • Saves one time- here is a normal morning routine one needs to get to the gym; Wake up earlier, Dress up, Drive to the gym, Change to workout attire, Say hello to people in the gym, start working out and then queue up to use the gym equipment. This routine is not fixed as minor accidents such as waking up late or traffic may happen in between, causing one to consume more time. However, working out from home saves one from having to dress up and go to the gym. The only thing needed is to wake up, wear a gym outfit and start working out.
  • Saves money- working out from home will reduce the cost of money one uses to apply for a gym membership and for gas. Buying the right equipment will also help one save money.

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