Here are 5 reasons why Push Ups are a good workout for the body.

Here are 5 reasons why Push Ups are a good workout for the body. - Boardgains

Pushups are one of the best workouts because of how simple they can be. However, it can be hard to master the concept, but its rewards are very beneficial that few workouts can match. Thus one should add pushups to their list for better results.

Here are five reasons why pushups are actually a good workout for one’s body.

They double as cardio.
Doing more than enough pushups makes one's heart start pumping faster than usual, and one may run short of breath. However, one does not need to smash out a bunch of reps to get to that point; instead,
one can just do around ten pushups repeatedly while taking enough rest in between each set to catch breathe. Research done in 2019 on male firefighters showed that those men who did more than forty pushups within 30 seconds were at a lower risk of experiencing heart problems. Nonetheless, this does
not mean that one should rely solemnly on pushups for better health. Pushups just predict one’s risk of experiencing heart failure or attack.

Improves posture.
Due to the advancement of technology, most people are victims of spending hours with curved shoulders and around the spine, causing them to develop poor posture. Doing pushups the right way enables such people to offset this by teaching good body posture. Pushups primarily include engaging
the scapula and rhomboids without depending much on the most overused muscles at the top of the shoulders and the neck.

Improves core strength and stability.
Despite being an upper-body workout, pushups can strengthen the whole body if done the right way. The workout stabilizes and strengthens the core, which involves the whole body, exclusive of the head, arms, and legs. Most core moves primarily target the abs; however, pushups focus on the less familiar
core muscles like the transverse abdominis, which is the deepest muscle at the core that helps support ones spine. Targeting these muscles enables the core to be stronger and more stable to coordinate an individuals movements.

Improves upper-body strength
By bending one’s arms to lower and lift the entire body, the upper side of the body is challenged to become stronger. While doing pushups, the front chest, the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back are strengthened. The workout focuses on many muscles at once, enabling the exercise to be more
effective in boosting ones upper body. Having a more substantial upper body means that one can handle certain day-to-day activities such as carrying heavy bags of groceries or lifting a suitcase.

Supports strong bones
Besides stabilizing the core muscle and challenging the heart, pushups can promote good and healthy bones. Pushups are weight-bearing exercises considered to strengthen one's bones and prevent bone
loss. Ultimately, bones become more robust when one applies more weight to them. Having strong bones prevents one from diseases such as osteoporosis which is a disease that becomes riskier as one grows old.

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