Exercise and the Brain: How Fitness Impacts Learning.

Exercise and the Brain: How Fitness Impacts Learning. - Boardgains

Aside from tone arms, abs, and a flat tummy fit for the gram, does exercising have any other benefit? You will be shocked to learn that there is more psychology when it comes to fitness than you know. Performing exercise not only sculpts the perfect body but also keeps the brain in check. Research shows that exercise stimulates the growth of new neurons, a process called neurogenesis. In addition, it increases the neurochemical BDNF, which acts as a fertilizer, strengthening neurons and making them less susceptible to breaking down. Physical activity also increases levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and endorphins that support emotional well-being, motivation, and response to stress.

Fitness does impact learning, here's how:

Improves memory

Exercise and physical activity are known to improve memory, and that makes the brain sharper. As stated above in points, good and regular exercise keeps the mind sharp. It helps a child retain information and perform better from a much younger age.

Many kids with a poor exercise regimen and an improper diet are often faced with issues like lack of attention, low retention of information, directly impacting their education and subsequent performance at school or college.

 Best Defense Against Mental Health Issues.

Exercise can be the best defense against a lot of the common mental health issues that most adults and event students struggle with. Exercise controls the emotional and physical feelings of stress, and it also works at the cellular level. Physical activity is a natural way to prevent the negative consequences of stress because it can ward off the ill effects of chronic stress and actually reverse them. In addition, studies show people who add physical activity to their lives become more socially active, which boosts confidence and helps establish and maintain social connections.


Exercising has many benefits for the human body. It releases particular types of hormones that improve mood and well-being. When we talk about the process of learning, fitness can significantly improve our learning abilities. So the next time you want to exercise remember the benefits go deeper than the toned muscles.

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