Can Gamification Help You Get Fit?

Can Gamification Help You Get Fit? - Boardgains

If fitness was fun would you do it more often? I know I would and this is why we at Boardgains, encourage you to gamify your workouts.

According to recent research,gamifying” exercise can improve motivation and make fitness more effective at all levels. But what is the gamification of exercise and how will it make you reach your fitness goals in 2022? Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into it with the intent to motivate, improve engagement, and increase loyalty.

There are different ways in which we can gamify our workouts : one is by approaching fitness as a game and the other is by using gamification fitness apps. When fitness is approached as a game, it will most likely appeal to traditional gamers and can be played like any other video game – aside from the fact that it actually requires physical exercise to play!

Another approach of gamifying workouts is by the use of  Gamified fitness apps to measure and track your physical activity with your phone. For example, PlayFitt includes a pedometer (step counter), squat counter, push-up counter, and other activity tracking features.

Tracking these movements makes it possible to gamify your workouts. As you complete daily and weekly movement goals you level up league divisions and earn rewards instantly.

This connects fitness with rewards in a way our brains understand more directly. And that connection is what helps make fitness a habit. The same reason you love your favorite video game or social media app is the same reason fitness can become a regular healthy habit. All with the power of gamification and one simple app.

One of the biggest limiting factors of getting in shape is simply adopting the right habits. And since it can take several months to properly form new habits, consistency at the beginning is absolutely paramount to one’s success.

This move towards gamification – be it reward-based activity tracking or social encouragement (or shame) – can make people much more likely to stick with a program beyond the initial stages.

So there you have it, yes gamification can get you fit but only if keep consistent at it.


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