East Run Crew x Boardgains

East Run Crew x Boardgains - Boardgains

Hey Fitizens,

We had the pleasure to host East Run Crew for an outdoor Boardgains team session at Riverdale Park in Toronto! Since we had about 16 players, we spilt up the group into teams of 4, and oh boy this was fun. We started the workout with a 3 Gains Team Match and since we had hills available for us, we started the match with a Hill Sprint before starting the Boardgains workout. So it was basically like a relay in which the first part was the hill sprint, and then when all the team members completed the hill sprints, then you could move on to the 3 Gains Boardgains Session. That was the first round. Then we did another round with Hill Sprints to start and then 5 Gains Boardgains Session. And after that we spilt the group into 2 Teams of 8 and then finished off with a 2 Gains Boardgains Finisher with the losing team doing a hill sprint. Lots of fun & gains that day! And that’s the beauty of Boardgains its so versatile that you can use it in so many different ways. Tell us you favourite ways that you used Boardgains so far in the comments below!

Love & Gains,



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