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5 Simple, Fun Ideas for Family Fitness

5 Simple, Fun Ideas for Family Fitness - Boardgains

A family needs to work out together because it helps to lower heart risks, control weight, and boost a child's activeness in school because it allows them to burn off excess energy. However, children may not understand these factors, which is why a parent's job is to show them why moving is fun. Here are five simple and fun ideas that parents can use during family fitness.

Find time for playing.

Parents should set aside around 30 to 45 minutes for fun exercises with their kids thrice a week and make it either an after school or after dinner routine. Also, planning a family activity over the weekend like going to the playground with the young children or hiking with the older kids can be considered fun exercises. Parents can replace being idle over the weekend and watching too much TV with such activities to promote good health in the family.

Singing and dancing while doing general cleaning.

It is essential to teach kids how to do house chores from as early as now. But these kinds of activities do not seem to fascinate children. Thus, parents are encouraged to spice up those general cleaning days by playing some fun music and even allowing others to take turns choosing their favorite songs. Bringing such a mood while cleaning will motivate kids to be more active as they sing and dance to their favorite songs. 

Choosing to walk or cycle

Using muscle power over the car is a healthy way for the family to keep fit. This idea can be relevant for short distances like going to the grocery store or library. Parents can motivate their kids after dinner to join them for a family walk after dinner and if they own a dog, then taking the dog for a walk would be the best excuse to use. Parents can track everyone's progress during the walks using a pedometer to motivate kids to beat their previous score every week. Putting the recorded progress on colorful stickers and sticking them on the refrigerator can be an excellent way to remind each family member to keep up the excellent work. 

Make yard work more enjoyable.

Gardening is very therapeutic. Parents can make such moments a time for having family talks and playing together. Young children can help tend and plant the garden while the older ones can rake leaves into piles and later on have everyone jump into the piles and play together. Another example is snow shoveling, where the family can throw snowballs at each other or build snowmen together. 

Plan active family gatherings

Family gatherings are all about coming together to celebrate by eating and catching up. However, this can be an excellent opportunity to include activities such as tag of war, relay races, or dance parties for older kids. Such activities are better than just sitting, watching TV, and talking. It brings the family together and leaves happy memories engraved in everyone for life.

So the next time you think about staying fit as a family you know what to do!

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