5 Reasons to Plank

5 Reasons to Plank - Boardgains

The plank is a flexible workout that targets every muscle in our bodies. Thus, adding this exercise to one's routine will strengthen their body. Here are five reasons why one should plank. 

Reduces and gets rid of back pain

Planks improve one's posture by aligning the vertebrae that remove unnecessary strains in the spinal area. The workout also builds the abdomen, which gives more support to one’s posture. Strong abdominal muscles save the body from feeling some of the weight while one is standing. The main thing has a strong posture. This prevents many unpleasant things, such as; developing osteoarthritis, which is a condition that affects the joints in our bodies, quick loss of one’s mobility as they age, and pain around the neck and shoulder areas.

Boosts one's mood

A body that is physically strained drains one’s mental state. Most of the body muscles that planks target contributes to the stress and anxiety people experience. For instance, the tension in one's legs can spread to other parts of the body for compensation purposes because when our legs are tensed, we put less weight on them, but this can lead to straining our backs more. Also, mental stress can cause the body to react negatively, making the muscles tense. Doing planks helps one strengthen their body muscles and improves one's state of mind.

It helps one have more balance.

Most people may argue that balance while running, cycling, or exercising comes from their fringes, but our bodies use more core muscles for stability. A strong core prevents injuries caused by overworking a single muscle while seeking balance. For instance, while snowboarding, the calves are mostly involved; thus, a strong core will relieve strains on that muscle. Strengthening one's core is another way of teaching our bodies and muscles how to work together, making it easier to work as a single unit instead of different multitasking muscles simultaneously. 

Boost one’s metabolism

Having strong muscles helps the body to burn more calories even when one is resting. That is why it is important for people who work in less active environments, like in the office, to add planks to their workout routine because the exercise will boost their muscles, enabling them to burn calories effectively. Burning more calories leads one to feel hungrier, where self-discipline is tested the most. If one aims to stay healthy, then having a balanced diet is the best way to go. But if one chooses not to be keen on what they eat, they may gain weight, causing all their effort to go in vain. 

Boosts one’s flexibility

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise people use to strengthen their muscles and improve flexibility. And the plank is among the exercises included in a yoga routine. Planks are very important because they ensure that every muscle, especially those at the back of the body which are normally neglected, is stretched too. To gain more flexibility from planking, one is urged to try ricking planking, which enables one to rock their body to and fro using their toes. However, one should note that different planks boost flexibility in different muscles in the body; thus, one must have a combination of various forms of planks for a better result. 

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