21 Days Of Gains New Year Fitness Challenge - Boardgains 2023

21 Days Of Gains New Year Fitness Challenge - Boardgains 2023 - Boardgains

Welcome to the Boardgains New Year’s Challenge! We’re so excited to kick off 2023—and your new wellness journey—together. Here at Boardgains we believe in a well-balanced fitness & recovery routine to keep your muscles, heart, & mind challenged. And you know what they say it takes 21 days to make it a habit, so the challenge will last 21 days but feel free to start early and go for longer. 


1) Complete 21 days in a row of minimum 30 minutes of “GAINS”.

Gains Can Include:

CARDIO GAINS: Walking, Running, Hiking, Dancing, Swimming, Boardgains, Circuit Training, Group Fitness Classes, Sports, etc

STRENGTH GAINS: Resistance Training, Weight Lifting, Bodyweight Training, Boardgains, etc.

RECOVERY GAINS: Stretching, Mobility, Hot & Cold Therapy, Massage, Foam Rolling, Yoga, Qi-Gong, etc

MIND GAINS: Meditation, Breath Work, Reading, Qi-Gong, etc

Feel free to mix & match between the different types of gains to complete the minimum 30 minutes.

2) Post on social media either Instagram story or feed with the hashtag #21DaysOfGains & tag @boardgains.fit. Every post counts as a ballet.

3) Contest starts January 9th ends January 29th. One randomly selected contestant who completes all 4 types of gains during the 21 days ( Cardio, Strength, Recovery, & Mind) will be selected Jan 30th and will win a Boardgains Prize Package.

21 Days Of Gains New Year Fitness Challenge


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