Boardgains Starter Edition: Fitness Game

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  • No equipment needed – just purely bodyweight exercises!
  • Easy to teach (fitness classes, phys ed, kids, etc)
  • Full-body cardio workout (Bootcamp In-A-Box!)
  • Burn 300-500+ calories in just one session!
  • 100% replayability (buy once, workout forever)
It’s time to turn your workouts up a notch. Buy now!

We all want kids to be excited about fitness — and there’s never been an easier way to teach them solid exercise habits while having fun in the process! 

Boardgains Starter Edition gets them away from screens and into their bodies. From jumping jacks to situps, they’ll roll the dice and take on a new challenge — learning key movements and muscle groups.

The ultimate fitness board game, designed by trainers and instructors, is now one of the best fitness games for kids & adults. This lighter, travel-ready version gives your youngest athletes a sense of discovery and accomplishment. A great resource to use to make fitness fun for workouts, sports league, and channeling all that endless childhood energy.

Key Features:

  • No equipment required — only bodyweight exercises! 
  • Multiple game modes (multiplayer, teams, solo)
  • Full-body cardio workout (bootcamp in a box!)
  • 100% replayability (buy once, work out forever)
  • Ideal for players/teams of 1-6  

Teach kids the importance of health and fitness — and make working out a game!

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Introducing Boardgains Fitness Game For Group Workouts, Physical Education & Home Workouts.

Ready to step up your game? From jumping jacks to glute bridges, this heart-racing board game is sure to get you sweating. Take turns to roll the dice and await your fitness fate –– just be careful not to land on 100 high knees!

Designed by personal trainer & group fitness instructor, Eric has designed the ultimate fitness board game that is perfectly tailored for group workouts. Whether you’re training with your weekly workout squad or teaching at school or gym, this outdoor-friendly activity supports both solo, multiplayer, and team play –– ideal for home workouts, bootcamps, physical education, and beyond.

Fun Workout

That You Can Play Anywhere


Step 1 of how to play this fitness game
1) Set The Gains Needed To Win
Step 2 of how to play this fitness game
2) Roll, Move, Exercise, Repeat.
Step 3 of how to play this fitness game
3) Collect Set # Of Gains To Win

Full Body Cardio Workout using bodyweight exercise.

This circuit training workout game will increases heart and cardiovascular health, builds up strength, and tones major muscle groups. Great tool to use to add some fun conditioning workouts to your routine


PE Game for teaching fitness to kids in physical education classes
Physical Education

Boost physical activity and fun during physical education with BoardGains. Educate your students with basic bodyweight exercises and making exercise a game means better participation from learners.

Gym Game being used to workout with in bootcamp classes happening at beach, park and in gym.
Bootcamp Workouts

Gamify your group fitness classes with BoardGains. Use as part of your group fitness schedule or for special events and tournaments. Guaranteed to bring fun competition with your community!

Workout Game Being used for home workouts with family and kids.
Home Workouts

Have fun working out with the people you love most! Full body cardio workout and no planning needed. Great for kids, friends, family outings, vacations, and much more!


Benefits of this workout game for group fitness, physical education & home workouts!

Fun workout using exercise game for bootcamp workouts, physical education & home workouts.
Bootcamp Workout In A Box

Say goodbye to boring workout routines. Guaranteed to deliver a different workout each time while keeping you engaged. Great activity for bringing excitement to vacations, workplace fitness outings, physical education, fitness events/classes, and much more.​

Gym game being used outdoors at beach for a group fitness workout.
No Equipment Workout!

Fitness available at your fingertips worldwide. No fitness equipment required and no workout plan required. All the exercises are completed using bodyweight, and can be done from outdoors to indoors, parks, gyms, living room-- literally anywhere.​

Family using gym game for home workout in the basement.
Fun Exercise

Have fun while getting in the best shape! Use for at home workouts, vacations, gyms, schools, & much more.


Currently Boardgains is available in Canada and United States. But we do take on special orders if you want the game internationally. Send us anemail and we will prepare a shipping quote for you. Generally Europe, Australia, New Zealand cost around $50 USD to ship. But send us an email at and we can prepare a shipping quote for you.

Hey, from our experience kids ages 10+ can easily pick up the game and start playing. So kids in middle school & high school.

The game comes with 6-10 game pieces meaning you can play with 6-10 players or 6-10 teams. With teams we've seen as little as 2 people on a team to a max of 6-10 people on a team.

Yes. Yes. And Yes. We've had a great response from teachers using the board game for physical education and after school fitness programs. There is a learning curve for the students to learn the exercises. But once the students learn the exercises the game runs by itself .We also have a teacher guide in our shop, which is a lesson plan we created to make it easier for teachers to implement BoardGains into Phys ed. We took the planning out it, so all you need to do is implement the PE game for your next class.

Simple answer yes, Boardgains can be used for solo workouts at home if your looking to add some cardio conditioning into your workout routine. If you wanted to spice up your workouts at home with Boardgains we do have a resource center which you can access by scanning the QR code on the box. The resource center will have lots of new solo at home workout ideas using Boardgains.