Unlock the Benefits of Static Stretching: The Key to Pain-Free Workouts and Improved Flexibility

Unlock the Benefits of Static Stretching: The Key to Pain-Free Workouts and Improved Flexibility

Don't forget to static stretch after your workouts! I know a lot of people do, but here is a reminder to not forget! I always aim to get at least 5-10 minutes of static stretching after my workouts to help with recovery. Yes there might be days where I forget but for the most part I try to get those stretches in! Just remember static stretching after workouts and dynamic/moving stretching before workouts. 

What is static stretching ? 

Static stretching is done at the end of your workout, and involves stretches that you hold in place for a period of time, without movement. This allows your muscles to loosen up, while increasing flexibility and range of motion. In static stretching, you move one of your limbs to a position where you feel a stretch but before you feel pain, and then hold the position for 20–30 seconds. Static stretching was probably something you did in gym class when you were in elementary school and the end of your workouts or sporting sessions.

What are the benefits of static stretching?

1) Greater flexibility and range of motion

Once your muscles are warmed up after your workout, stretching can help increase your range of motion. You may move more comfortably and easily if you are more flexible and have a wider range of motion. This can make everyday tasks and exercises easier.

2) Less pain and stiffness

Muscles that are tense, tight, or overused can hurt and feel uncomfortable. Static stretching is a proven method for reducing stiffness in tight muscles, according to research. This can also result in less pain, which may make it easier for you to complete daily duties.

3) Increased Blood Flow

Stretching can also improve circulation. Increased blood flow may help your muscles recover more quickly after you’ve exercised.

So don't forget to stretch after your workouts! 

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