Boardgains Pro Edition: Fitness Game

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Take your workout to the next level with BoardGains Pro Edition! Engage in 20 bodyweight exercises through our gamified bootcamp-style workout. Ideal for any setting—gyms, schools, homes and even outdoors—this game is designed to boost your metabolism, improve heart health, and strengthen muscles all while having fun.

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Elevate your workout with the BoardGains Pro Edition. Perfect for both teens in athletic programs and seasoned adult exercisers, the Pro Edition offers 20 diverse exercises for a dynamic and challenging workout, ideal for advanced fitness routines in sports training, bootcamp, CrossFit, HIIT, and much more! Perfect for grade 9-12+.


See How Our Customers Are Using Boardgains!

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. This board game challenges you and your workout buddy to compete in a circuit training workout!


What happens when you mix the fun of board games and the benefits of exercise? You get BoardGains, an innovative fusion of the two.


Designed by a fitness trainer, the Boardgains fitness board game is a fun way for friends to stay fit together.


Elevate Every Workout with BoardGains

BoardGains is your go-to solution for making fitness fun and engaging in any setting. Whether it's spicing up group workouts, enhancing physical education classes, energizing family fitness, or boosting training at sports camps, BoardGains adds a playful twist. Perfect for any age and fitness level, it’s designed to keep everyone moving, motivated, and smiling. Transform your fitness routine into an exciting adventure with BoardGains!

Boardgains Used for Outdoor Bootcamp Session - Taking Fitness to the Next Level

Group Fitness Classes - Bootcamp - HIIT - CrossFit

 Ideal for fitness instructors leading diverse group workouts in various settings. The Pro Edition offers a comprehensive selection of exercises suitable for high-intensity training programs ensuring participants experience a challenging and effective workout.

Boardgains Used in School Gym for Physical Education Class - Making Fitness Fun for Students

Physical Education Classes

Enhance PE classes with the Pro Edition, providing students with advanced fitness routines that promote strength, agility, and endurance while making physical activity enjoyable and rewarding.

Family Fitness Sessions

 Incorporate the Pro Edition into family workout sessions, offering a challenging yet fun experience for family members looking to improve their fitness levels together.

Summer Camp Activities for Athletes

Use the Pro Edition in summer camps tailored to athletes, providing them with structured workouts to enhance their athletic performance and overall fitness.

Youth Athletic Programs:

 Integrate the Pro Edition into youth athletic programs, helping young athletes develop strength, speed, and coordination through specialized exercises designed for their age group and skill level.

Gym Socials

Boost your gym's social scene with BoardGains Active Fun Days! Perfect for the beach or gym, these events mix fun workouts with social interaction. Suitable for all fitness levels, they enhance community bonds and keep members engaged.


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