Boardgains Plus Edition: Fitness Game

Be a part of history with BoardGains, the world's first fitness board game. Deliver workouts out anywhere, from home to the gym, and get active in minutes.
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  • Interactive & Fun: Combines the fun of a board game with the health benefits of a workout.
  • Versatile: Perfect for gyms, schools, bootcamps, home, and more.
  • No Equipment Needed: Just purely bodyweight exercises!
  • Easy To Learn & Teach: Perfect for instructors of all types (trainers, teachers, parents, etc) .
  • Full-body Cardio Workout (Bootcamp In A Box!)
  • Endless Replayability : One purchase for endless workouts.
  • Plus Size : 20 Exercises
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Plus Size : 20 Exercises

Fitness Made Fun

Ready to step up your game? From jumping jacks to glute bridges, this heart-racing board game is sure to get you sweating. Take turns to roll the dice and await your fitness fate –– just be careful not to land on 100 high knees!

Designed by personal trainer & group fitness instructor, Eric has designed the ultimate fitness board game that is perfectly tailored for group workouts. Whether you’re training with your weekly workout squad or teaching at school or gym, this outdoor-friendly activity supports both solo, multiplayer, and team play –– ideal for home workouts with the family, bootcamps, physical education, and beyond.

A close-up of a fitness board game, with colorful pieces, game cards, and fitness instructions.


An image of the Boardgains fitness board game, showcasing the colorful layout and various exercise spaces
An image of the Boardgains fitness board game, showcasing the colorful layout and various exercise spaces
An image of the Boardgains fitness board game, showcasing the colorful layout and various exercise spaces
Full Body Workout At Beach Using Fitness Game

Bootcamp Workout In A Box

Boost your heart health, build strength, and tone muscles with this fun circuit training game. Perfect for adding exciting conditioning workouts to your routine.

100% Gains!

Say hello to exciting workout routines! Experience a variety of exercises that will keep you engaged and motivated every time. Perfect for adding some fun to vacations, workplace fitness outings, physical education, fitness events/classes, and so much more!

Group Photo of students flexing in a school gym after a workout

No Equipment Needed!

No equipment or plan needed. Just use your bodyweight and play from outdoors to indoors, parks, gyms, living room-- literally anywhere.​


PE Game for teaching fitness to kids in physical education classes
Physical Education

Get ready to have fun and stay active during physical education with BoardGains! This fitness game teaches basic exercises that use just your bodyweight. By turning exercise into a game, more students will want to join in and get moving.

Gym Game being used to workout with in bootcamp classes happening at beach, park and in gym.
Group Fitness

Make your group fitness classes more fun with BoardGains. It's perfect for your regular fitness schedule or special events and competitions. It's guaranteed to add some excitement and friendly competition to your community!

Workout Game Being used for home workouts with family and kids.
Home Workouts

Have fun working out with the people you love most! Full body cardio workout and no planning needed. Great for kids, friends, family outings, vacations, and much more!


BoardGains is currently available in both Canada and the United States. However, we understand that some customers may want to purchase the game internationally, and we are happy to take on special orders to accommodate their needs. If you are interested in having BoardGains shipped to a location outside of North America, please send us an email at, and we will prepare a shipping quote for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

The main difference between BoardGains Starter Edition and BoardGains Plus Edition is the number of exercises and the size of the board. The Starter Edition has 13 bodyweight exercises suitable for all fitness levels, while the Plus Edition has 20 exercises. Plus Edition includes additional game pieces and can accommodate up to 10 players, whereas the Starter Edition can accommodate up to 6 players. Plus has 3 sandtimers, while Starter has 2 sand timers. The Starter Edition's smaller size makes it more portable and suitable for home use or vacations, while the Plus Edition's larger size is designed for commercial use at gyms, schools, or bootcamps.

BoardGains is a game that can be enjoyed by children aged 10 and up, making it an excellent fit for middle school and high school kids. However, some younger children have been able to play the game with guidance from a skilled instructor. While BoardGains is recommended for children aged 10 and above, it is possible for younger children to enjoy the game with proper instruction.

The BoardGains game can be played with either 6-10 individual players or 6-10 teams. With 6-10 game pieces included, teams can consist of as few as 2 people or as many as 6-10 people. So whether you're playing with a small group of friends or organizing a large fitness class, BoardGains has got you covered.

BoardGains is an excellent addition to any physical education program or after-school fitness program. The game has received positive feedback from teachers who have implemented it in their classes. While there may be a learning curve for students to become familiar with the exercises, once they understand them, the game runs smoothly. To make it even easier for teachers, we offer a comprehensive teacher guide in our shop, which provides a ready-made lesson plan designed to simplify the process of integrating BoardGains into your Phys Ed curriculum. With our helpful guide, teachers can quickly and easily implement BoardGains in their classes without any additional planning or preparation.

Absolutely! BoardGains can be played solo for an engaging and challenging workout experience. Our game is designed to provide fun and effective workouts for individuals, groups, and families. For those who want to use BoardGains for solo workouts at home, we offer a resource center with a QR code on the box, which provides a variety of new ideas for solo at-home workouts. So, whether you're looking to play solo or with a group, BoardGains is the perfect fitness game for you!

We recommend playing BoardGains for about an hour so you can enjoy multiple matches during that time. The game length may vary depending on factors such as the number of players, fitness levels, and game mode chosen. On average, a game can take between 30-60 minutes, but players can adjust the length by choosing the number of gains needed to win. With BoardGains, you have the flexibility to tailor the game length to your liking.

Yes, BoardGains is suitable for all fitness levels as it allows for customization of the number of gains needed to win the game. Additionally, each exercise has a modification for progressions, making it adaptable to individual fitness levels. BoardGains provides a fun and engaging way to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and overall health for people of all fitness levels.

BoardGains has a mix of exercises that use your own body weight and don't need any equipment. These exercises work different muscles all over your body, including your legs, arms, core, and heart. They're exercises that most people are familiar with, like squats, lunges, pushups, and planks. Our team carefully selected each exercise based on over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels in bootcamp classes.

To clean and maintain the BoardGains game board, we recommend wiping it down with a cloth after each use. You can also use a sanitizing wipe to disinfect the board. To prevent dice dents from hard rolls, you can flip the box upside down and use it as a dice tray. This will help preserve the board for future use.