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5 ways to reduce stress in your life.

5 ways to reduce stress in your life. - Boardgains

Identify your stressors.

Take a deep dive into your life and identify the issue  or issues that trigger stress. This could be a family member, a job or event a task. Experts suggest writing down every stressful situation in a journal so you can identify patterns as to what’s causing your stress, how you felt, and how you’ve been able to make yourself feel better.

Avoid Your Stressors.

Now that you have pin pointed your stressors, It's important to find out ways of dealing with it. This can be by saying "No" to the nagging family member, or breaking down a task for easier handling. Running away from a problem is not a method for managing stress but taking a break is, so allow your self a break from the job or whatever issue that's stressing you out.

Practise a positive mindset

A postive and abundance mindset is key when dealing with day to day stressors. Instead of saying "I made a  mistake" say "every one makes mistakes how do I learn from this one". This will easen the pressure to perform and inturn easen stress. 

Get More Physical Exercise.

Research shows that moving your body results in lower stress that staying sedentary. If you’re currently inactive and stressed then you can start with gentle activities such as walking or biking. Choosing an activity that you enjoy may help increase your chances of sticking to it in the long term.

Follow A Healthy Diet.

You are what you eat. You diet can be causing your stress without your knowledge.

Studies show that people who follow a diet high in ultra-processed foods and added sugar are more likely to experience higher perceived stress levels.

Following a nutrient-dense diet and limiting ultra-processed foods may provide your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health and decrease your risk of deficiencies in nutrients that help regulate stress.

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