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Benefits of eating cereals.

Benefits of eating cereals. - Boardgains

Benefits of Cereals. 

Do you eat cereals? If you so, how much do you know about cereals and their benefits?

Let's talk about cereals shall we?

Belonging to the complex carbohydrates food group, cereals are rich sources of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, oils, proteins, and fats. Whole cereal grains have an outer bran coat, a starchy endosperm, and a germ.

The most familiar grains used for making the category of cereals include rice, maize, corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, Italian millets, and oats among others.

Okay, now we know about cereals but how do we benefit from them?

Source of Energy

Cereals are probably the greatest source of energy for humans. Providing almost 30% of total calories in a regular diet, cereals are probably the most widely consumed caloric food in America.

Sugar Level Maintanance

Cereals care basically made of fibre content which increases glucose secreation from the food thereby maintaining sugar levels in the blood. 

Source of Vitamins

Cereals are rich in Vitamin B complex hence if you have this deficiency then you should add some into your diet. 

Source of Protein

Cereals usually have 6-12% protein of course this protein content varies in each type of cereal hence it is important to include different types of cereals into your diet. 

Reduce risk of obesity

Eating fiber-rich foods can help fill one  up and prevent overeating. This is one reason high-fiber diets are recommended for weight loss

Now that we are aware of cereals and their benefits, I think it would be a good Idea to incorporate more cereals on our diets don't you think?

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