Around the Board Challenge: A New Game Mode to Supercharge Your Fitness with BoardGains

Around the Board Challenge: A New Game Mode to Supercharge Your Fitness with BoardGains

Start Strong at 'Gains Start Here'
Kick off your fitness adventure at the designated starting point, 'Gains Start Here.' In this mode, there's no need for dice—just bring your energy and enthusiasm!

The Challenge:
Get ready for a unique test of endurance and speed with the 'Around the Board Challenge!' This new game mode is all about continuous movement and exercise, perfect for those who want to challenge themselves without the unpredictability of rolling dice.

How to Play:

  1. Exercise and Advance:
    Move clockwise around the board, tackling each exercise spot consecutively. Complete all exercises at one spot before advancing to the next.

  2. Skip Non-Exercise Spots:
    Keep your momentum going! Bypass non-exercise spots like "Lucky?" or "Go Back To Plank." Your focus is on consistent physical activity.

  3. Track Your Time:
    Measure how long it takes you to complete one full lap around the board, from the first exercise spot back to it again. This will help you set benchmarks and monitor your progress over time.

Gameplay Structure:

  • Solo or Team Play:
    Dive into this challenge solo or split into teams for a high-energy, group fitness blast. It's as fun as it is vigorous!

  • Time Challenge:
    Compete against the clock or each other to see who can complete a lap around the board the fastest.

Measure Your Progress: Start and End of the Month:
Begin the 'Around the Board Challenge' at the start of the month, then revisit it at the end to see how much you've improved. Tracking your time helps you measure endurance, speed, and strength gains over the month.

Benefits of the 'Around the Board Challenge':

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness:
    Continuous movement boosts your heart rate and improves cardio endurance.

  • Consistency in Training:
    With no randomization, you maintain a steady workout pace, perfect for building exercise habits.

  • Focus and Determination:
    Push through until the end, developing both physical and mental stamina.

Ready to take on this challenge and start seeing serious gains? Strap on your sneakers, bring your energy, and let's get moving with the 'Around the Board Challenge!

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