Embrace the Fitness Trend: Host Boardgains Group Bookings at Your Gym | Fun, Active, and Social Workout Experience

Embrace the Fitness Trend: Host Boardgains Group Bookings at Your Gym | Fun, Active, and Social Workout Experience

Boardgains: A New Trend in Fitness Hub Group Bookings

Boardgains, the interactive fitness board game, is revolutionizing the way people engage in fitness activities. By utilizing gyms with extra studio space as hubs for hosting group bookings, Boardgains offers a new and exciting weekend or weeknight activity that is active, social, and different from traditional gym routines.

Introducing Boardgains: The Fun and Active Fitness Board Game

Boardgains combines the strategic elements of board games with physical challenges, creating a unique and enjoyable fitness experience. Participants engage in a variety of activities based on the game's outcomes, making workouts fun and engaging.

Utilizing Gyms with Extra Studio Space

Creating a Hub for Group Bookings

Gyms with extra studio space can serve as the perfect hub for hosting group bookings of Boardgains. This allows participants to gather and enjoy the game in a dedicated space, enhancing the social aspect of the activity.

Weekend and Weeknight Activities

Boardgains group bookings can be scheduled on weekends or weeknights, providing people with a fresh and exciting activity to do with their friends or community. It offers an active and social alternative to traditional leisure activities.

Boardgains: A New and Different Fitness Experience

Active and Social Fun

Boardgains introduces a new dimension to fitness by combining physical activities with social interaction. It offers a fun and engaging way to stay active while enjoying the company of others.

Engaging with Friends and Community

Participating in Boardgains group bookings allows individuals to connect with their friends and community members in a dynamic and interactive environment. It fosters camaraderie and creates memorable experiences.

Benefits of Boardgains Group Bookings at Gyms

Diversifying Gym Offerings

By hosting Boardgains group bookings, gyms can diversify their offerings and stand out from competitors. It provides an exciting and unique activity that sets them apart as an innovative fitness destination.

Attracting New Customers

The introduction of Boardgains as a group booking activity can attract new customers to gyms. It appeals to individuals seeking a fresh and different fitness experience and provides an opportunity for gyms to expand their customer base.

Generating Additional Revenue

Boardgains group bookings offer a potential source of additional revenue for gyms. They can charge a fee for hosting the sessions and provide an exclusive and enjoyable fitness experience for participants.

How to Host Boardgains Group Bookings at Your Gym

Allocating and Preparing the Studio Space

Designate a studio or extra space in your gym specifically for hosting Boardgains group bookings. Ensure the area is well-equipped, organized, and conducive to an enjoyable experience.

Promoting and Managing Group Bookings

Promote Boardgains group bookings through various channels, such as social media, gym newsletters, and word-of-mouth. Set up a booking system to manage reservations and ensure smooth operation of the sessions.


Boardgains is creating a new trend in fitness hub group bookings, transforming gyms into dynamic spaces for active and social activities. By offering this unique fitness experience, gyms can diversify their offerings, attract new customers, and generate additional revenue. So, why not embrace this trend and become a fitness hub for Boardgains group bookings?


  1. What is Boardgains? Boardgains is an interactive fitness board game that combines physical challenges with strategic board game elements.

  2. How can gyms utilize extra studio space for Boardgains group bookings? Gyms with extra studio space can serve as hubs for hosting Boardgains group bookings, providing a dedicated area for participants to enjoy the game.

  3. What are the benefits of Boardgains group bookings at gyms? Hosting Boardgains group bookings diversifies gym offerings, attracts new customers, and generates additional revenue.

  4. How can gyms promote and manage Boardgains group bookings? Gyms can promote group bookings through social media, newsletters, and word-of-mouth. Setting up a booking system helps manage reservations and ensure a smooth operation.

  5. Why is Boardgains a different fitness experience? Boardgains combines physical activities with social interaction, offering an engaging and enjoyable way to stay active and connect with others.

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