Boardgains Relay #1 For Group Fitness & Physical Education

Boardgains Relay #1 For Group Fitness & Physical Education - Boardgains

Hey Team Gains, 

This post is for all my physical education teachers and fitness instructors out there because I've created a new fun Boardgains Relay that you can use for your next class. One thing about me is I love watching Survivor and this relay is Survivor inspired because we got the fitness aspect and the puzzle aspect. 

Boardgains relay #1

Spilt up the group into teams & setup their workout stations by the board. Make sure teams are spaced apart from each other.


1) 2 Building Laps or 100 High Knees

2) 5 Gains with Boardgains

3) Puzzle Descrambler

First team to complete 1,2,3 in order wins the game! Losing teams have to do 20 burpees!

1. 2 Building Laps or 100 High Knees

If you have the space for it like a school gymnasium or a gym with a track. You can get the teams to complete 2 laps or whatever you think is feasible with the space you have. Alternate option is 100 high knees per person. This is the warmup portion of the relay. Once teams finish the laps/high knees they must run back to thier workout station. They must wait till everyone on the team arrives before starting the next portion.


2. 5 Gains With Boardgains

The next portion of the relay is Boardgains. Teams must complete 5 Gains before proceeding to the Puzzle portion. With Teams, whatever exercise the team lands on, everyone must complete it. However you can transfer reps between teammates.

Boardgains Fitness Board Game At Home Fitness

3. Puzzle Descrambler

At this section of the relay. Make sure to print one puzzle for each of teams you have. You might want to also have a extra blank sheet for the teams to use for rough work when they are trying to solve the puzzle. Each team will first need to unscramble clue words, then use letters from those clue words to decode the final word/phrase. First team to decode the final phrase and call out the instructor/teacher name and then say the correct phrase wins the game.




seal jacks




making fitness fun


For full PDF download of this relay Click Here

Love & Gains, 

Eric Mathura


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