BoardGains Plus Edition 10 Pack

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Introducing the Boardgains Plus 10 Pack - the ultimate fitness board game set for gyms, schools, boot camps, and more! With 20 exciting exercises and engaging gameplay, Boardgains Plus takes group workouts to the next level. Each pack includes 10 board games, perfect for large fitness classes or selling to members. Experience the fun and benefits of Boardgains with this versatile and value-packed 10 Pack. Get ready to transform your fitness routine and inspire your community to reach new heights of health and wellness!


Why Wholesale? 

Boardgains Provides Product Solution for Physical Education & School Events. 🏫

Do not worry about planning your next gym class or fitness event because Boardgains is guaranteed to bring that physical activity and fun.


Fitness Facilities & Bootcamp Programs 💪

Boardgains Provides Product Solution for Fitness Classes and  product upsell for your members.  Whether you are a fitness facility or an outdoor bootcamp program we have the product to bring some fun & gains to your community.  

Supplement & Sports Stores 🛍️

Boardgains Provides Product Solution that will expand your store offering!

We’ve got a fun and unique product to add to your store inventory that will perform well with your store’s demographic and capture their interest.


Each Case = 10 Games