BoardGains Cards Vol 1 Extension: Amplify Your Gains, One Card at a Time!

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Level up your BoardGains experience with our downloadable PDF extension, BoardGains Cards Vol 1! Created to seamlessly integrate with your existing BoardGains board, this digital set is designed to turbocharge your workouts with added variety and intensity. Get ready for a new dimension of fitness fun!

⚑ What's in the Download?

  • 5 Unique Superset AMGAP Cards: Extend your BoardGains workout repertoire with these exclusive, high-impact exercise cards:

    1. 15 KB Swings
    2. Hill Sprint
    3. 1 Lap Around the Track
    4. Sled Push
    5. Dumbbell Thrusters
  • Quick-Start Guide: A simple guide to help you integrate the new cards into your existing BoardGains game.

πŸ”— How Does it Work?

  • BoardGains Board Required: You'll need the BoardGains board to use these cards. Roll the dice, move your game piece, and prepare for an enhanced workout challenge.

  • Superset AMGAP Mode: Each card unlocks a new "GAIN" opportunity that combines the exercise you land on with a special superset featured on the card.

  • Solo or Social: Whether you're keeping track of your personal progress or competing with friends, these cards make every game session doubly rewarding.

🌟 Exclusive Features:

  • 60-Day Challenge: Are you ready to tackle all 5 cards within 60 days? Go solo or team up with your crew and take on the challenge!

  • Share & Connect: Document your fitness journey with the hashtag #BoardGains and engage with a vibrant community of fellow BoardGainers.

✨ Why Choose BoardGains Cards Vol 1?

  • Fresh Challenges: Bid farewell to monotonous workouts. These cards add unexpected twists and turns to your BoardGains journey.

  • Instant Access: The downloadable PDF means you can print and play instantly, no waiting for delivery.

  • Community Building: Forge new connections and fuel your motivation by sharing your progress and tips online.

Take your BoardGains experience to the next level! Download your copy of BoardGains Cards Vol 1 and let the amplified gains begin!

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