Entrepreneur Workshop & Gains For Business Students

Created and presented by the founder of Boardgains Eric Mathura (CSEP-CPT, B.Sc Kinesiology). This 1/2 day program starts off with a 60 minutes Entrepreneurship Workshop talking about the origins of Boardgains and how Eric built the company. It also includes multiple fitness question breaks to keep the participants engaged and help them learn some fitness tips. After the workshop we take a quick 5 minute recess and transition to the workout portion of the program. We break up the students into teams and then we play Boardgains for the next 60-90 minutes. Depending on the weather the workout can either happen outdoors on the school field or indoors in the gymnasium. The max amount of students for this Workshop & Workout is 50-60 or the capacity for the workout area. Great for High School students taking business courses.

Workshop & Gains

Workshop & Gains Will Give Students:

• Real life entrepreneurship advice and journey

• Business & life advice

• Fitness advice

• 60 minute fun full body cardio workout

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