What is BoardGains?

Let’s face it. Most kids don’t like exercising, but they love to have fun! BoardGains is a new board game that combines fun with fitness.

benefits of boardgains in physical education

· Developing Fitness Levels, Physical Skills & Fundamental Movements

·Assisting in Weight Loss

·Improving Problem Solving & Cognitive Reaction

·Socializing With Others

· Increasing Students Self Esteem

the advantages of our boardgains


Easy to learn. No Equipment. Full Body Conditioning Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises.


Playable Anywhere: Gymnasium, School Field, Playground, etc.

Boardgains Fitness Board Game For Outdoor Group Fitness. Bodyweight Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises. Hiit Cardio Conditioning. School Fitness, Home Workouts, and more. Physical Education Fitness Equipment. Bootcamp In A box.

Use For Gym Class, After School Fitness Programs Or Even School Tournaments

Why include BoardGains in your activities inventory?

· Safe and fun

· Healthy competition

· Created by certified fitness expert

· Can be played indoors or outdoors

· No equipment needed

· Improve fitness

covid protocols: Team mode

The x’s are player workout spaces with the square mat and each player is 5 feet away from each other to deal with covid restrictions and players can wear masks if they want. After completing each exercise 1 player must run to circle to run & move game piece for team and then run back to x spot. You can customize the amount of players per team and amount of teams to your liking!

Contact us For bulk discount (1 Case = 10 games)

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