Professional Development for Phys Ed & Fitness Trainers

Created and presented by Eric Mathura (CSEP-CPT, B.Sc Kinesiology), the Boardgains Program makes it easy for PE teachers & fitness trainers to create fun, safe and effective exercise programs for their classes. You will learn 5 different ways to use Boardgains (multiplayer, teams, time, superset, relay), and how to set up your space to run an effective Boardgains session. Boardgains  make it easy for teachers/fitness trainers to teach fitness to their classes in a fun way that requires no additional equipment.

Phase 1: Boardgains & Eric Back Story

Phase 2: Warm-up & Exercise Demonstration & Modifications

Phase 3: Boardgains Rules & Setup Overview

Phase 4: Boardgains Team Mode (3 Gains)

Phase 5: Boardgains Time Mode (15 Minutes)

Phase 6: Boardgains Superset Mode (3 Gains)

Phase 7: Boardgains Relay Mode (1 Gains)

Phase 8 : Stretch & Cooldown

Boardgains  Professional Development will give PE Teachers & Fitness Trainers:

- Adaptable and fun fitness-training board game, and a great workout!

- Proper technique and teaching cues for 25 bodyweight exercises, 10 stretches, and modifications for each exercise

- Proper warmup/mobility protocol

- Skills and tools to improve students' fitness test scores and lifelong health and well-being 


Pricing for 1/2 day:

USA & Canada-$1600 USD

Ontario - $700 USD

Send us a email at to inqury.